Did You Know These Musicians are From Calgary?

Hometown pride!


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We all know Calgary is a hotbed of artistic talent. But sometimes when someone gets famous we don't even realize they share a hometown with us! Did you know these four musicians and bands come from our little ol' Calgary? 

Chad VanGaalen 

Indie rocker Chad VanGaalen has achieved international recognition. But this talented DIY-er comes from Calgary! Check out the music video for his song "Molten Light". You'll love it!


Okay so Feist wasn't actually born in Calgary—she was born in Nova Scotia and she spent her early life in Saskatchewan. But her music career originated out of Calgary when she joined her first band, Placebo (not the Placebo you probably know about!). Feist is hard not to love. She's a powerful woman with a beautiful voice!

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Women aren't performing anymore, but that doesn't mean you have to stop listening! They're a super chill rock band who recorded on Chad VanGaalen's label, Flemish Eye. According to certain rumours, the band broke up after a big fight on stage during a show in Victoria. Better to let that one go...

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Tegan and Sara

If you're like me then you probably associate Tegan and Sara with Vancouver! Both sisters live and travel between Van and LA, but they're actually from Calgary! Tegan and Sara have been fantastic public figures when it comes to LGBT awareness, and their music is so damn catchy!

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