3 Calgary Restaurants with the Cheapest Wing Nights

Every night can be wing night!


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Holy shit, there are a lot of places in Calgary that offer ridiculously cheap prices on chicken wings at various days throughout the week. It can be difficult to navigate. Most places that sell wings will do a special on Wednesday, but really it’s all over the map. If you organize yourself, you can get a deal on wings every day of the week. Here are some of the best deals on chicken wings that Calgary has to offer. 

The Unicorn’s Celtic Cellar - 53 Hunterhorn Road NE

These guys have their special on Thursday, and it’s 19 cents per wing on Thursday from 4pm, if you get 10 wings or more. That’s pretty crazy; under two dollars for ten wings, and even better, they’ve got more than 20 different varieties. 

Dixon’s Public House - 24- 15425 Bannister Road SE

Dixon’s ups The Unicorn a little, charging only 14 cents a wing on their weekly wing night, which is Monday after 4. They have more types of wings too, with 27, and they’ll also sell you a pound of wings for $6.50 on Wednesdays. 

Bonasera - 3525- 26 Avenue SE

These are a tiny bit more expensive than Dixon’s, but are still dirt cheap. Bonasera has toonie Tuesday, which means you get 12 wings for $2 which, according to my math, is like 17 cents a wing. They have another deal on Saturday, although it isn’t as good, of 12 wings for $3.99. 

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