3 Amazing Brunch Restaurants to Check Out in Kensington

Some of the area’s top eats


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With its great location and incredible selection of places to shop and eat, the Kensington area is a great place to spend a late morning or early afternoon, walking around and checking out all there is to see. Like any trendy area where people like to spend money, there’s an emphasis on brunch, and the options are good. Here are three of the best spots in Kensington to grab some brunch. 

Vendome Cafe - 940- 2nd Avenue NW

At Vendome, they’ll take your order up at the counter, take a number, and find your own seat and they’ll bring your food to you once it is ready. They have an amazing breakfast poutine, super sandwiches, and great fancy coffee drinks. What more could you ask for, really?

Higher Ground - 1126- Kensington Road NW

More of a coffee shop than a restaurant, but if you’re mainly looking for a coffee and something smaller to eat, it has a great atmosphere and is a nice spot to hang out. 

Vero Bistro - 209-10 Street NW

Vero Bistro doesn’t open as early as the other places on this list, but the food is exceptional. They serve up some really intricate eggs benedicts, wonderful desserts, and nice, intimate seating. 

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