3 Easy GPA Boosting Classes to Take at University of Calgary

Everyone needs a few very easy classes


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Whether you’re in a really hard program or if you’ve just messed up in a few of your classes, it is fully understandable to need a few simple classes to get your GPA back on track. That’s especially true if you’re trying to qualify for scholarships, or if you’ve got your eye on grad school or something. University of Calgary has got quite a few pretty easy classes that you can take to improve your GPA. Here are three of them. 

ASTR 207 - Introduction to Astronomy

People say that when you’re picking classes that you want to do well in, it’s a good idea to choose something that interests you. Well everyone is interested in space, right? This class is also sometimes called Scopes for Dopes. It’s really easy. 

ANTH 203 - Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology

This class has pretty simple concepts, and minimal course work, with just two midterms and a final making up the grade. As long as you keep up with your readings, you should be on the right track toward getting an A. 

PSYC 203 - Psychology for Everyday Life

A good way to boost your GPA is to take classes that are based on everyday living, because you can simultaneously figure a lot of it out through common sense, and enhance your life apart from your grades too. PSYC 203 is a straightforward class you should be able to get an A in. 


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