3 Great Off-leash Dog Parks in Calgary

Let your furry friend run free!


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There are 149 dog parks in Calgary! Giving your dog a chance to get off its leash and have a full spirited run around outdoors is a must, but it’s important to do so while respecting the rights of other people not to be around off-leash dogs if they don’t want. Here are three Calgary parks that have nice fenced off-leash dog parks where you can set your canine companion free so they can blow off some steam. A full list of the off-leash dog parks in Calgary can be found on the city of Calgary’s website. 

Sue Higgins Dog Park

A favourite place for many dog owners, Sue Higgins is a large park with a whole bunch of dogs in it, so if you’re looking to socialize a young dog while getting some exercise, it’s a perfect spot!

Bowmont Park

Bowmont Park is a great place to take your four legged friend. The paths are wide and peaceful, and there’s a little lake you can walk down to also. There are nice trails around that you can take your dog along on a leash. 

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River Park

River Park is definitely one of the best off-leash dog parks in Calgary. It is kept tidy by volunteers, and there are plenty of nice views from the park. 

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